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The Very Best of British Beef

All our Beef is locally sourced from highly renowned & multi award winning R&J Butchers, at Kirkby Malzeard.

When you are as passionate as we are about what we do it is imperative to find suppliers that share your enthusiasm and the team at R&J certainly do.

R&J are at the top of their game through very high quality standards, traceability and a hunger for innovation; for example, their Signature Salt Aged Beef. It has taken the family
over 5 years to perfect this form of aging meat, beginning with the very genetics of their ‘clean’ beef cattle. This chamber is lined with pure Himalayan salt bricks which control the
humidity of the air in the temperature controlled environment. There are a few more factors involved but these are a closely kept secret! The results are remarkable, not only in
the incredible flavour of the beef, but also the sheer consistency of its quality.

It is possible through their strict measures of traceability to follow a cut of meat right back to the ear tag in the exact animal it came from, which is in itself impressive.
Where other catering butchers from Yorkshire have chosen to tap into the London market or supply supermarkets R&J just look after people like us. This allows their full concentration
on the quality of their product which they, and we, are rightly proud of. If you want to see more about R&J have a look on their website.

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