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New Summer Lunch Menu!

We are delighted to announce our new High Summer Lunch Menu is in full flow! We have everything on there from simple light lunches such as our Signature Fishcake, Classic Caesar Salad (paying homage to the original created by Cardini Caesar in 1924), a Torched Mackerel Salad, a Warm Chicken and Chorizo Salad, through to Delicious Sandwiches served in either Ciabatta or Brioche, and our 2 / 3 course Early Bird. Of course, if you have time on your hands, then our full A La Carte Menu is also available for a leisurely lunch too!

If you are short of time, you can call ahead and pre-order so that your perfect lunch will be ready for you when you arrive. Whats not to like!

Summer……. Hoorah!!!

Well I use the term loosely because as I write this Magda and Charlotte are flying down the steps with 4 lovely diners who were about to dine Al Fresco on our terrace, but the opening scenes to Noah’s Ark have put paid to that!

How many Seasons must we cover in a day? Would anybody actually be surprised to wake up tomorrow and find they had been snowed in?!

Regardless of what the weather is doing we are really excited to launch our Summer Menu and as always Marek and his team of chefs have been really busy creating some fantastic new additions to our menu, and as always sourcing everything as close to home as possible.

A couple of our particular favourites are the Torched Mackerel with Apple & Beetroot Salad and Dill Crème Fraiche Dressing, and the Yorkshire Lamb Rack with Pea and Mint Bonbons, Buttered Fine Beans, Baby Carrots and a Rich Red Wine Jus is simply stunning.

To finish a Strawberry Mille Feuille, I had Luke our Pastry Chef make this twice for quality control purposes (well somebody has to make sure it’s good enough for you lovely lot!) and the simple fact Gemma and I wanted to eat it twice….. I will have to hope he doesn’t read this!

Add a shot of Fragola Wild Baby Strawberry Liqueur and that’s 2 of your 5 a day right there… what’s not to love?

As much as we love welcoming these great new creations to the menu we are always mindful of our lovely regulars who have their favourites and my life would not be worth living if we removed them, so in short…. Mr Hughes your Black Pudding starter remains, Kevin and Jenny how could we ever take your Duck off and Mr Gunter your Seared King Scallops also survived “The Cull” (to name but a few).

Our ‘Tasting Board to Share’ still holds its place as a firm favourite, and is a perfect light lunch to share out on the Terrace with a bottle of Sancerre (BIN 24), weather permitting of course!!

Last but by no means least we are incredibly excited to announce the return of the legendary Peter Hopkins who is now hosting his fortnightly Wine Class here with us. Without Peter’s vision of opening a Cellar Wine Bar over 30 years ago The Tannin Level would not be here today, and we’re proud to have been established since 1985!!! Also, if I had a £1 for every time Peter’s name has been mentioned during my years working here I would most definitely be laid on an exotic beach now instead of thinking “Where are my Wellies”

Welcome Home Peter!

So be it Parasols, Umbrellas, Wellies or Flip Flops we wish you all a fantastic Summer 2018.

Ellie, Marek, Magda, Luke, Gemma, Charlotte, Darek, Sam, David, Lottie, Theo and Bartek

Now serving Sunday Lunch…

Why not treat your friends and family to a delicious Sunday lunch with us. Have a browse through our the menu below and give us a call on 01423 560595 to book – we are open from 12noon to 5pm.

In the news…

Here at The Tannin Level, we are tickled pink!  Not only have we hosted the BBC this month to interview our lovely customers about the Harrogate independent restaurant scene, we’ve also had a great write up in the Harrogate Advertiser.
Click here to view the article.
Why not see for yourselves what everyone is talking about!

As seen on the BBC!

The BBC interviewed some of our regulars recently to talk about the demise of the chain restaurants.
After 30 years The Tannin Level is still going strong, thanks to the fantastic support for local independent restaurants in Harrogate.

We were delighted to be chosen by the BBC to represent the Harrogate Independent restaurant scene. Ellie and some of our regulars were interviewed to discuss the importance of supporting the local Harrogate economy and the independent restaurants that make Harrogate one of the best food destinations in the north.

Spring… well-ish… nearly… ok not really…

Not sure who I am trying to kid as I sit writing this in a hat, scarf and gloves looking out of the window at SNOW, and every news channel is talking about ‘The Beast from the East’. Quite frankly the ‘Siberian Blast’ can head back to Russia and stay there.

However, on the plus side it means the Spring/Summer wardrobe can stay firmly off limits; hence the diet that comes with it can remain on hold too. Happy Days! And now our famous Chocolate Brownie is back by popular demand, the Front of House Girls and I are happy to keep the big jumpers on for a little longer.

A couple of dates for your diaries… firstly, Mother’s Day (the day that we would all have a fighting chance of remembering if it didn’t move around so much, it doesn’t even stay in the same month. It is like a test from our Mothers to keep us on our toes!). So, Sunday 11th March, we will be open 12 noon to 5pm, and what better way to spend it than out of the cold in our warm cosy candlelit restaurant eating Rare Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puddings, paired with a Bottle of Chateau Musar (Bin 47), finished off with Baked Lemon & Honey Cheesecake with Tonka Bean Ice Cream & a Lemon Curd Drizzle. Perfect with a chilled glass of Dessert Wine.

This isn’t any Mothering Sunday… this is a Tannin Level Mothering Sunday.

It is getting booked up so please don’t leave it too last minute (like the men who were calling on Valentine’s Day wanting a table of 2). Probably still in trouble!

The wrong side of your Mother is no place to be so come and join us for a lovely afternoon while winning brownie points. Plus nobody has to wash up…. well put it this way, you don’t, we do.

The next date is Easter Sunday on the 1st of April, we will again open 12 noon to 5pm, and we are really excited to announce The Tannin Level will then be opening Sundays again permanently thereafter… yes we have listened to you lovely lot who keep asking… Kevin & Jenny, The Gunthers, Mr & Mrs Cowan, The Morgans, Janet & Jim to name but a few.

So, whatever the weather we look forward to welcoming you all!

Ellie, Marek, Luke, Darek, Magda, Charlotte, Cherif, Dom, Gemma, Theo, Lottie, Tish, Scott, Sammi & Joe x

“My Mothers Menu consisted of two choices. Take it or Leave it!” Groucho Marx

Mothers Day 11th March

Why not join us for a special Mothering Sunday? We will be serving R&J’s Signature Salt Aged Beef Rump Roast, along with rare breed Roast Pork and all the trimmings. We also have a number of other delicious treats for those who don’t fancy a traditional roast and to make sure it’s an occasion the whole family can enjoy children’s portions will be available. Take a look at our Mothering Sunday menu and call 01423 560595 to book your table. We look forward to welcoming you to The Tannin Level!

The Tannin Level House Champagne: Thienot – Champagne of the Oscars!

For the second consecutive year, Champagne Thiénot will be the exclusive champagne featured during the pre-show of the 86th Oscars as well as at the prestigious Governors Ball, the Academy’s official post-Oscar ® celebration.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has again selected the little known house of Thienot Champagne because of its very high end quality and its extremely selective distribution. “We are thrilled that the Academy has chosen our family-owned House for the most prestigious event of the year. All the guests who enjoyed Thienot Champagne during the 85th show and ball last February had a tremendous experience, so the Academy decided to feature our Champagne again!” said François Peltereau-Villeneuve, President & CEO of Thiénot USA.

Thiénot Champagne comes from the city of Reims, located in the heart of the historic Champagne region. Most of the grapes come from its own vineyards, in the famous Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims.

The Winery: This contemporary Champagne house, led by its founders, the Thiénot family, combines finesse, fruit and freshness in a blend of three grape varieties selected from the finest vineyards in Champagne. The wine develops a spring-like bouquet, where floral and fruit aromas intertwine. The lively, delicate wine evolves on the palate towards a long finish exuding a succession of orchard notes.

The Very Best of British Beef

All our Beef is locally sourced from highly renowned & multi award winning R&J Butchers, at Kirkby Malzeard.

When you are as passionate as we are about what we do it is imperative to find suppliers that share your enthusiasm and the team at R&J certainly do.

R&J are at the top of their game through very high quality standards, traceability and a hunger for innovation; for example, their Signature Salt Aged Beef. It has taken the family
over 5 years to perfect this form of aging meat, beginning with the very genetics of their ‘clean’ beef cattle. This chamber is lined with pure Himalayan salt bricks which control the
humidity of the air in the temperature controlled environment. There are a few more factors involved but these are a closely kept secret! The results are remarkable, not only in
the incredible flavour of the beef, but also the sheer consistency of its quality.

It is possible through their strict measures of traceability to follow a cut of meat right back to the ear tag in the exact animal it came from, which is in itself impressive.
Where other catering butchers from Yorkshire have chosen to tap into the London market or supply supermarkets R&J just look after people like us. This allows their full concentration
on the quality of their product which they, and we, are rightly proud of. If you want to see more about R&J have a look on their website.

Winter Continues…

Tree down.  Relatives gone.  Bank Account in shock.  A Dress size gained. Yes, it looks like we have all just experienced another Christmas!

For those of you who are doing “Dry January” we salute you, you are clearly made of stronger stuff than us. I think Kevin & Jenny (our lovely regulars) had the right idea when they said; “Four days of that is quite sufficient!”  If you are still hanging in there, may we recommend a Fentimans Ginger Beer over ice with a splash of lime cordial and a squeeze of fresh lime? It really is quite lovely and you can kid yourself it is a Moscow Mule.

For those of you who think the only way to get through these days where the sky looks like it is permanently 4.30pm, and you know at some point you will be rained on, may we suggest GIN!! We are really pleased to now have Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin to sit alongside our other favourites; Whitakers & Slingsby.

Alternatively try our Ox Cheek & Beef Brisket, Dijon Mash, Celeriac Puree, Smoked Pancetta & Red Wine Jus which can be paired perfectly with a large glass of Argentinian Malbec, this weather demands we have the correct fuel! On the plus side it is still cold enough outside for us to hide under big jumpers and coats which suits me just fine as one of my favourite desserts has made a reappearance… Apple and Blackberry Crumble and Magda & Charlotte are currently bribing the Chefs to bring back the Chocolate Brownie! (The Girls will win!)

So, in a nutshell, eat whatever you want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight… eat them too!!!

Happy 2018 to all of you, from all of us…

Ellie, Jacob, Magda, Darek, Charlotte, Dom, Gemma, Cherif, Danny, Lottie, Theo, Scott & Cameron x