Our Spring & Summer A La Carte Menu is here! – The Tannin Level – British Restaurant in Harrogate

Our Spring & Summer A La Carte Menu is here!

We’ve been busy during Lockdown!

And now our Spring & Summer A La Carte Menu looks better than ever. We have the very finest local ingredients, from some of the finest farmers and producers in the country, all delivered fresh to the restaurant every day. Nothing at The Tannin Level comes out of a freezer (apart from Ice Cream!)

Our brigade have used these fantastic ingredients to put together a menu of delicious dishes with some fabulous flavour combinations, and sticking by our mantra, the natural flavours of the key ingredients are never overshadowed, always allowing that incredible local provenance to shine through.

Our New A La Carte also features more pan work than ever, which as the foodies out there will know, has become something of a feature of The Tannin Level’s cuisine in recent years.

So whilst you’re here, why not have a look at our A La Carte Menu, and also browse our Gallery to see for yourself just what the Tannin Level experience embodies.

And when you’re done, book a table, we’re looking forward to serving you!


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