Autumn……!!!! – The Tannin Level – British Restaurant in Harrogate


As the words “I’m bored” are replaced with “I can’t find my PE Kit” it can only mean one thing…. the end of Summer….. oooh and far more importantly it is time for “The Salad” to step aside and let our fantastic Autumn and Winter comfort dishes take centre stage!

I defy anybody to tell me they look at a Chicken Caesar or Torched Mackerel Salad the same way they look at Pan Seared Duck Breast, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Sticky Red Cabbage or 6 Hour Braised Feather Blade of Beef with Buttery Mash and a Red Wine Jus (I know people…. the wait is finally over. My lovely Newcastle ladies who drive over here every year, have dinner and take it away with them to serve on Christmas Day will be delighted. 5 years and neither husband knows they don’t make it yet!!). There simply is no ‘salad leaf’ that can stand up to that, and that’s before we even talk about Winter Berry Crumble & Custard! Autumn and Winter food is simply delicious in every way.

Plus of course, ‘Autumn and Winter & The Tannin Level’ are like ‘Gin & Tonic’, ‘Morecombe & Wise’, ‘Cheese on Toast’ – simply made for each other. Coming in out of the cold, dark, wet, snow, hail, sleet (or a medley of all the above in one go!) into our cosy candlelit restaurant is a must.

Whether you just fancy a bowl of hot, fresh, homemade soup (no tin openers here!) at lunchtime or want to take advantage of our fantastic 1, 2 or 3 course Lunch/Early Bird menu (which we are still serving all night on a Tuesday, then Wednesday – Saturday evenings 5.30 – 7pm) or something from the A la Carte menu or Specials Board there really is something for everyone.

As always, the chefs have been working really hard sourcing some fantastic local ingredients to put onto our new menu. Front of house favourites are our signature Trio of Pork, Pan Roasted Duck Breast, and of course the Medallions of Beef Rump Filet. My mouth’s watering just thinking about them!

Which leads me nicely to say welcome back to Amelia. I can now say with confidence the Sticky Toffee Pudding will be fabulous at all times, not because Amelia makes it, but she does like to ‘quality control’ it on every shift she works…. I know, she is very conscientious!

So, dig out your big jumpers and welcome back the Carbs and Great Puddings!

Wishing you all A Happy Autumn!

Ellie, Sam, Magda, Marek, Charlotte, Dawid, Amelia, Darek, Ella, Ivo, Jack, Theo, Tish & Eva

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